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Prepare a good set of children’s tableware for your child

For many people, tableware is just a common everyday item, but children’s tableware and daily necessities can be important items for cultivating children’s beauty from childhood, and they are items that parents need to see and use every day.

Have you noticed? Normally, the plastic/PLA/melamine (bone china) tableware has a life span of about three months. It is easy to release toxins after three months of scratching. After two years, the tableware can also cost nearly 200 yuan or even more. many.

Bamboo fiber tableware is made of natural materials and can be used for many years. This article tells you why it is so important to choose a good set of children’s tableware:

Know bamboo fiber, good for children and good for the environment

Do you know that bamboo is the fastest growing herb on earth? It is 1/3 times faster than the average tree, and some varieties can even grow up to 30 cm in a day.

The biggest advantage of bamboo fiber is that it contains bacteriostatic substances, has natural and long-lasting antibacterial properties, and can naturally decompose in the natural environment without causing secondary pollution to the earth.

Most of the children’s tableware commonly used in the market is made of pp plastic and melamine (bone china). Why choose bamboo fiber? What is the best bamboo fiber compared to these common materials?

First of all, from the point of view of food safety, melamine (bone china) will start to release melamine when it is heated more than 30-40 degrees; and common PP will also produce plasticizer harmful to human body at high temperature of about 60 degrees. ~ The former will cause liver and kidney disease and the latter will cause hormone imbalance in young children and pregnant women; greatly increase the possibility of sexual developmental malformation.

More user-friendly and safer design

Good cleaning, heating and convenient

Unlike bamboo children’s tableware, which usually adds plastic or chemical substances, the all-natural brand bamboo fiber tableware is the most heat-resistant children’s tableware on the market. It can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius and is more durable.

How to distinguish the true and false of “natural bamboo fiber” children’s tableware?

There are many children’s tableware on the market that are all-natural. Please note that there are many “natural tableware” that will add PP plastic or melamine (bone china). The simplest way to distinguish is:

1. Are there any ingredients on the package that are carefully labeled? If there is no possibility of a problem.

Yookidoo is made of bamboo fiber powder, vegetable starch and natural resin.

2. It is very light and heat-resistant (within 90 degrees). The fiber meal has a high probability of adding PP plastic. In short, he is still plastic, still can’t decompose, or has plasticizer doubts.

Yookidoo can withstand 100 degrees, the quality is real, so that you can spend every penny. It is a natural heat-resistant children’s tableware on the market.

3. Does the manufacturer have a complete inspection report?

Yookidoo has SGS, FDA certification, and the best in mind.

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