Today, I will tell you three ways to distinguish whether the tableware is clean. Dong Jinshi, executive vice president and secretary general of the International Food Packaging Association, said that the current cleaning methods for tableware by catering companies include ordinary manual cleaning, chemical disinfection and centralized physical cleaning. The correct process of physical cleaning should use ultrasonic, ultraviolet and other disinfection methods, with the highest hygiene and reliability. “This piece of fully mechanized assembly line costs hundreds of thousands of yuan. Each package has a freight rate. The cost is about 6 cents. The small restaurant can’t afford it.” Dong Jinshi advocated “seeing the second and the third touch” to identify Whether the tableware can be cleaned.

A look: Check whether the plastic film on the outside can be cleaned. If there are many impurities on the film, it may be the repeated use of waste plastics. It depends on whether the consumption information can be complete: the site, contact telephone number, product shelf life and so on.

Second smell: After opening the plastic seal, you can smell the pungent smell. If you wash it directly with washing powder, there will be strong breath residue, if the oil residue will have bad breath;

Three touches: Touch the tableware by hand. If there is water or sputum, it may be that the oil is not cleaned. Even if it is sterilized, it is recommended to use boiling water before use.

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